About Us

Celebrating the best of New Jersey for generations to come.

The Celebrate New Jersey Vision

Since 2005, when we first formed Celebrate NJ! to build pride in New Jersey, the founders of Celebrate New Jersey have sought to inspire the minds and hearts of the people of New Jersey by educating, informing, and engaging them in a positive conversation about our home state.

To that end, our programs focus on:

  • The positive aspects of living, working, and learning available in New Jersey;
  • Our rich history and the critical role we played in our nation’s freedom;
  • Our cultural diversity as one of the most diverse states in the US;
  • The important discoveries, innovations, and inventions birthed here,

Celebrate NJ! helps create an important connection to our significant past as we build a future of which we, and future generations, may feel proud.


Our Program Promise

Provide engaging no cost programs to NJ students.
Reinforce students’ connection to NJ.
Organize events that showcase student achievement.
Meet Common Core Standards.
Integrate technology and curriculum goals into our programs.
Support teachers and students with online resources.
Excite students with incentives, recognition, and awards at memorable community events.