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Celebrate New Jersey is taking an active interest in celebrating childhood wellness.  In an effort to further promote this cause, we are pleased to provide a number of links to teaching tools and child friendly search engines to excite your students about health and wellness in and outside of your classroom.  Enjoy!


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Do you have effective teaching tools to share?  Send us your favorites and we may include them for others to use!

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Classroom Resources:  CRUNCH Bunch Specific

Anatomy of  a Good Friend:  This worksheet works as a companion for the Uri bookmark.  The example can be printed for each student or shown to the class on a projector.

Anatomy of a Good Friend Example                   Anatomy of a Good Friend Worksheet


CRUNCH Bunch Word Search Worksheets:  The K-2 word search is smaller has a word bank while the 3-5 word search is larger and has no word bank.  Either could be used in most age groups depending on class reading levels.

Word Search K-2                                Word Search 3-5


Time Management Exercise:  This is an exercise for teachers to do with their class to start a discussion about time management and stress levels, especially with students who are heavily involved with extra-curricular activities.

Time Management Exercise for Teachers


Other Great Resources:

Teach Kids How: This website demonstrates how children of all ages can get started with research.  It provides links to many interesting resources.

Kids Data: This website allows students to browse a wide array of topics in areas regarding health and wellness.

Fact Monster: This is a search engine that is geared towards kids.  It allows students to type in a topic, and related articles geared towards younger children will show up.

EcoLiteracy: This site provides a variety of instructional tools to assist teachers as they plan and implement sustainable curriculum.  There are fun activities to utilize as well.

Choose My Plate:  This page offers 10 easy tips on how to shop smartly for fruits and vegetables.

PBS Health & Fitness: This page gives a variety of  interactive activities students would love to participate in to learn about health and fitness.

CDC: Physical Activity: This site promotes physical activity and provides ideas on how to promote a healthy and physical lifestyle for everyone in the community.

BrainPop: BrainPop is an interactive game website that allows students to play games and learn at the same time.

BrainPop Spanish: If Spanish is the language of preference, BrainPop has an easy to use Spanish version for students.



In School Performance on Health and Nutrition:  Austin the Unstoppable
by George Street Playhouse



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