CB Rules for Class Project Winners


One Top Class Project prize will be awarded to each grade (3-5) in the CRUNCH Bunch program.  Those classes selected will be eligible to receive a 12-session George Street Playhouse residency, during which time students work with a Teaching Artist to turn their creative work into a stage production, contingent on reviewing and agreeing to the rules below:



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Rising Action Theatre Arts Residencies


George Street Playhouse classroom residencies provide imaginative, differentiated learning experiences for K-12 students to develop artistic expression, expand language acquisition, and collaborate with others.  As students investigate characters, settings and stories, they learn how to research the lives of others and empathize with their circumstances.

Requirements for Participation

This twelve-session residency builds literacy through writing and performance.  Using pieces created during the Celebrate NJ! CRUNCH Bunch Creative Writing Program, George Street Playhouse Teaching Artists will work with students to bring their original, winning pieces to the stage.  This fun, creatively invigorating process will illuminate story structure, character development, and theme using theatre practice.  Rising Action focuses on the value of collaboration and the unique contributions every student has to offer.

To be considered for a Celebrate NJ! CRUNCH Bunch Residency, schools and classroom teachers must be willing to agree to the following:

  • Allow a professional George Street Playhouse Teaching Artist to visit your classroom once or twice a week for 6-10 weeks between the months of January and April of 2014.  Each session is one-hour long for a total of twelve sessions. 
  • Be willing to allow classroom desks to be moved to the side to create a space for movement, or arrange for a separate, open space for students to work theatrically once a week during the duration of the residency.
  • Be willing to participate in pre-mid- and post-residency planning meetings with the teaching artist and Celebrate New Jersey staff to coordinate programming and shape pedagogical outcomes.

NOTE:  Selected classrooms must be located within the teaching area designated by George Street Playhouse (Middlesex County and surrounding areas)



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