CRUNCH Bunch Student Resources

Here are some great resources that you can use as inspiration and/or as research once you have started writing: 


NJ State Fruits and Veggies Facts and Figures Kid’s Health: Exercise
New Jersey Introduction CDC: Data for Childhood Obesity Body & Mind
New Jersey Economy CDC: What causes childhood obesity Let’s Move!
Rutgers: New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station State of NJ Statistics Kid’s Health
YMCA State of NJ: How to beat childhood obesity Kid’s Health: Sleeping Essential
The Girl Scouts Facts for Families Learn to Be Healthy
The Boy Scouts Fresh Foods Disney Healthy Living
The Boys and Girls Club of NJ State of NJ: Shaping Childcare Women & Children’s Health Network
Guide to NJ Parks and Playgrounds State of NJ: Shaping Schools Rutgers Health
Kid’s Health: Being Overweight Kid’s Health: Stay Healthy Health Science Encyclopedia
Kid’s Health: Am I fit? Kid’s Health: Nutrition Wikipedia: Health Care Providers

New Jersey Agriculture and Farming Heritage:

-Lists the various state foods.  New Jersey: Blueberry and Tomato

-Introduction into the state of New Jersey.  Provides information about New Jersey as well as its history in agriculture.

-Goes into some of the industries of NJ- as well as the farming heritage.


Local Organizations:

-Provides a list of parks and playgrounds in New Jersey that offer activities to help kids get active.


Childhood Obesity:

-Assesses what being overweight means to children.

-Outlines how to be aware of one’s weight.

-Statistics about childhood obesity.

-Statistics regarding childhood obesity.

-Provides clues as to what causes childhood obesity.

-Charts outlining the obesity problem amongst 6th graders in New Jersey.

-This website provides statistics and information regarding childhood obesity and how to beat it.

-Lists the causes, challenges and risks of obesity and speaks of how to manage it.


New Jersey’s Fight on Obesity:

-Talks about having local farms in New Jersey provide fresh produce to schools to help fight childhood obesity.

-New Jersey’s initiative to help fight obesity.  Provides interesting facts and figures.


How to Be a Fit Kid:

-Provides articles on a variety of topics including how to keep fit and how to eat healthy.

-Outlines the healthy habits of being a fit kid.

-Spells out the benefits of exercise and fitness and mentions television intake.

-Website offers healthy food ideas as well as physical activity options.

–        First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to fight childhood obesity


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