The CRUNCH Bunch

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Program Description:

The CRUNCH (Creative wRiting for Understanding of Nutrition and Children’s Health) Bunch program is designed to help students learn about healthy living and inspire them to make healthy lifestyle choices while engaging their creativity, public speaking, and writing skills.

The Assignment

Our goal is to be able to release new, amazing and creative resources FOR students BY students each year. Students are our best resources for exciting and engaging content and their voice resonates with their peers.  Each participating class is challenged to create something creative that can be reproduced online for other schools and classes to appreciate and learn from.  For this program we are asking for group projects that showcase the work of everyone in the class. The projects could be a series of poems, stories, etc. or it could be one cohesive piece that the group collaborated on equally.

Contest Submission

A maximum number of seven creative pieces per registered class may be submitted by teachers online through the Celebrate NJ! website by the pre-determined deadline.   Log in to this site to submit student work.

Pieces must be at least 150 words, but not longer than 250 words (the submission form will only allow up to 3,000 characters).  All spelling and punctuation must be proofread and corrected prior to submission.  One photo, picture, or drawing – that compliments the article – should be uploaded with the text at the time of submission.  At that time students also have the opportunity to include photos of themselves that would be included in publication.  Any essays suspected of plagiarism will be disqualified from the program.  Students should not “cut and paste” directly from any sources, but reformulate the information into their own words and give credit to the sources at the end of their essay.