The CRUNCH Bunch

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Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States. Although this is seen as a complex issue to address, many experts agree that educating children early in life about the importance of healthy food choices and the necessity of physical activity, can play a powerful role in preventing obesity and its consequences.  Children may also become change-agents for their families by sharing information about healthy living at home. 

Learning is great, but it’s even better if it’s fun!  Engaging children in a creative writing contest where students develop a poem, story, skit, song, etc. on the theme of healthy living, nutrition, child safety, wellness, and lifestyle choices can serve to cement the learning and ultimately create lasting impact over the course of their lifetimes.


 What’s Included

  • The Contest: Students will be invited to enter their completed creative work, as a class or as individuals, and have it judged on a grade level basis by volunteer judges.
  • Kick-off Event:  International “Walk our Children to School” Day is held in October.  We coordinate our efforts to align with this event.
  • In-School Presentations by community partners.
  • Individual Prizes: Selected individual winners will have an in class celebration and be presented with their awards.
  • Class Prizes:  Winning classes will have a special Celebrate NJ! assembly in their school with a presentation of Austin the Unstoppable from George Street Playhouse.

Want to learn more?  Download the Crunch Bunch Program Overview 2013-14.

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