The Classroom Connection

An exciting Pen Pal Program for your students in Grades 2 through 5…

The Classroom Connection

The Classroom Connection is a simple, yet powerful letter writing program that uses the existing language arts letter writing curriculum to help students to make important connections. In a class-to-class match, students from different socio-economic and geographic areas become Pen Pals, and use a structured writing exchange to get to know one another and become better writers.

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Program features…

  • Engaging, real world writing assignment
  • Structured class-to-class letter writing exchange for students in grades 2-5
  • Writing topics:  About Me, Places, Dreams, Challenges, Looking Forward
  • New!  Two levels of participation:  Full  (3 or more rounds) or Modified  (2 rounds)
  • Classes matched for diversity:  geographic, socio-economic, cultural
  • Teachers may add technology, expand topics, plan meet-ups or expanded opportunities for connection


Watch this video clip to learn more!  


“All of the students thoroughly enjoyed writing to their pen pals. They didn’t think of it as work!
They loved every minute of it and looked forward to receiving their responses.
Writing for a REAL purpose is definitely better!”  -A.M.C., Teacher 


Teachers tell us that their students…

  • Improve their writing, reading and overall language arts literacy skills
  • Gain awareness and appreciation for diverse cultures, places, and lifestyles
  • Expand their knowledge of the world outside their neighborhoods
  • Identify their own hopes and dreams for the future and gain a greater sense of possibility by sharing them with other students

How The Classroom Connection Works…

  • Teachers register their classes using our online matching system
  • In real time through the enrollment period, the system matches classes of same  program option, grade, and size for maximum diversity (based on availability)
  • Once a match has been made, teachers receive an email with match information.  (This information may also be retrieved from their online account.)
  • Teachers send each other an email to introduce themselves and make a connection
  • Teacher A has students begin by writing the first round “About Me”
  • Teacher A mails all letters in one envelope to Teacher B
  • Teacher B distributes the letters to his/her students– they are now Pen Pals for the rest of the program
  • Students in Teacher B’s class read the letters aloud to the rest of the class so that they may all “meet”
  • Teacher B’s students receive and read aloud their letters, then write their response and “About Me”
  • Teacher B mails the letters back to teacher A in one envelope for round two “Places”
  • And it goes on from there…