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Welcome Teachers!  We currently offer five supplemental classroom programs that support curriculum goals (for you!) and make learning fun (for your students!)  Brief descriptions are below.  For registration information and program details, click on each program name or on the program description links below.

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The CRUNCH Bunch: (Creative Writing Program — Grades K-5) Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States. Although this is seen as a complex issue to address, many experts agree that educating children early in life about the importance of healthy food choices and the necessity of physical activity, can play a powerful role in preventing obesity and its consequences.  Children may also become change-agents for their families by sharing information about healthy living at home. Learning is great, but it’s even better if it’s fun!  Engaging children in a creative writing contest where students develop a poem, story, skit, song, etc. on the theme of healthy living, nutrition, child safety, wellness, and lifestyle choices can serve to cement the learning and ultimately create lasting impact over the course of their lifetimes. Crunch Bunch Program Overview 2013-14

The Classroom Connection: (Pen Pal Program — Grades 2-5) Seeking classroom matches of the greatest diversity, this program creates pen-pal relationships between students from different socio-economic and geographic areas.  The program builds writing skills as it forges understanding between students.  Offered to 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students in a structured class-to-class series of letter writing assignments between paired students, letters are written and exchanged on the following three themes:  “About Me”, “Places” and “Dreams”.  The program is conducted over the course of the school year, and students are matched from classes of the same grade and size.  Classroom Connection Program Overview 2013-14

NJ Scoop Fourth Grade Program: (Research and Writing Program — Grade 4) This statewide writing contest engages students in learning about the  people, places, events and history that make New Jersey a  special place to call home.  The program develops literacy and  academic skills, as students make important connections to New Jersey’s past, make connections to their present lives, and begin to understand their role in shaping the future. Students contribute to The NJ Scoop: The Voice of the 4th Grade, a publication consisting of hundreds of articles meant to educate others.  Through the process of the program, students come to better understand the world around them, and their place in it.  NJ Scoop Program Overview 2013-14


The programs below are available as resources for you.  We are not currently running then as contests, however, we encourage you to use them in your classroom if they fit in with your schedule.  

Middle School STEProgramResources are provided to help your students uncover New Jersey’s rich legacy in Science and Technology and our leadership role in caring for our Environment.  The program also includes a tutorial in creative computing that students may use to create a teaching tool for other students that reinforces the learning.

Powered by the Sun Creative Writing Program:  Resources are provided to help teachers and students learn about Solar Power and the benefits of solar energy to life on the planet.  Students may use what they learn to write stories, poems, songs, skits, plays and more!