What Teachers Say

About the 4th Grade New Jersey Studies Writing Program…


“I think this is an amazing program! This was my first year in 4th grade and I enjoyed participating. I will participate next year and look forward to the whole experience. THANK YOU for the time and effort you put into this worthwhile activity!”  -Laura Daly

“This was the first year that I participated. I thought that the children were actively engaged, and they were extremely excited about winning the contest.”  -Linda Franz

“The program is wonderful! The parents and students love it. It’s all how you present it to them.”  -Marie Majuri

“I really like the program for many reasons. I like how students research info about NJ which is what we study in 4th grade and also it goes along with our writing curriculum I think Karen does a great job in getting info out to the teachers and helping whenever we need help from her. Bravo!”  -Michele MacMath

“Thanks soooo much for all you do every year!! The program seems to get better and better!!! You gals are awesome!”  -Natalie Baratta-Verdi

“As always the program is an excellent motivator for the students. The best part is that there are many different options to engage the students, and a great way to teach New Jersey history. The parents are also raving about the program and have commented on how it not only encouraged their child to learn more about NJ history, but also themselves. Once again Karen and her team have given my class an experience they will cherish.”  -Donna Burke

“Karen was a delight to work with throughout the program. She quickly responded to my emails and I never had any problems navigating my way through the resources. My students enjoyed each event and the recognition that came with your program. Thanks again and you will be hearing from me again next year!”  -Lucinda Garvey

“As this was my last year, I want to say thank you for all the efforts of everyone involved in the program. It provides such a great way to involve children in the study of NJ and provides a real- world connection. We made the cake this year and the children can’t stop talking about, not only the making of the cake, but all the landforms, etc. surrounding NJ. Keep up the great work!”  -Linda Goetz

“I want to thank you, Karen, so much for sponsoring the Celebrate NJ program. BF Gibbs School has participated every year and will continue to for as long as you offer it!”  -Stacy Novoshelski

“Thank you for all of your hard work! What a wonderful program for our students here in NJ!”  -Amy Roth

“I love Celebrate NJ!”  -Barbara O’Donnell

“I think this program is a wonderful way for my fourth grade students to make connections to the state in which they live. It incorporates writing into science and social studies while building pride in being a New Jerseyan.”  -Tanya Occhiuzzo

“This program is a wonderful way for our students to learn about people and places from New Jersey. I learn something new every year as well. I really enjoy seeing students go through this program and learn to research and write about a topic that they didn’t know about before.”  -Denise Ris

“My class did the 4th grade writing contest. I loved the simplicity of a great, FREE program that included so many online resources and got our kids excited about New Jersey. Writing is an esential part of my classroom EVERY day all year and this was a wonderful breath of fresh writing air for the kids (and me!). It was exciting and needed half way through the year…. I emailed my principal, supervisors and superintendants about the program.”  -Heather Tafur

“It’s a great way to integrate research into the 4th grade curriculum. Our administrators have really gotten onboard and are helping the classroom teachers collaborate with the computer/library teachers.”  -Claire Houghton-Kiel

“We had to submit to our local newspaper ourselves. I thought it was a great program and even though it was difficult finding time for it with other programs going on, I ‘m happy I did!!!”  -Debbie Barone

“The Writing Contest allow our young writers to shine. I think it is a fantastic way to share the great information about our state. The students are excited about the information they find and love to think of different ways to relay it to others.”  -Cathy Heuser

“This is my 5th year with the program. It gets my students enthusiastic about learning about New Jersey. It is cross curricula learning at its best.”  -Betty Clarke

“I think this is an excellent way of letting students learn how great our state is. Their enthusiasm and joy in discovering the wonderful things about New Jerseyis amazing. Even the parents let me know how much they have learned about NJ and many of them have lived here all their lives!”  -Debbie Wagner

“THANK YOU!!! It’s a wonderful program and you are all so dedicated!”  -Kathy Guner

“As a first year participant I thought the program was great and looking forward to participating next year.”  -Joanne Tibaldo