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New Jersey is filled with great things to do and see!  Your job is to help your readers plan where to go in New Jersey. You will write an article and provide information about many of the fun and interesting places for kids and their families to visit in New Jersey.

Select a topic that you find interesting and that may not be commonly known to other 4th graders.  In addition to the facts, see if you can’t find a way to surprise your readers.  Be sure to tell them why this topic is important to New Jersey.

Write one article between 150-250 words, describing somewhere interesting  in New Jersey that your readers may want to visit. Choose one or more places from a town or region of New Jersey and include the following information:

  • What makes the place worth visiting? What is special about it?
  • Tell the history of the place and give any important statistics.
  • Where exactly in New Jersey is the place located?
  • What would a family do when they visit that place?

Use correct grammar, punctuation and capitalization.  Use Times New Roman or Arial size 12 font.  Be sure to save your work and name each document file as instructed by your teacher.  You may attach one photo when you submit your article.

Go to the Student Resources page for help with your research.

Here’s a Fun Project for the Class: Create a map of New Jersey and locate the various places you have written about, to help your readers find their way.