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No matter how old you are, it’s important to take good care of yourself.   Even if you are a kid who loves sports and eats a healthy diet, you may know someone in your family or in your school who is struggling with their health.  You may have heard about the childhood obesity epidemic in the United States, and the illnesses that are caused by unhealthy eating and bad exercise habits.  New Jersey is known as “The Garden State”, and has a long and rich heritage in agriculture and food production.  New Jersey also has diverse geography with natural wonders from the shore to the mountains, and many, many sports and recreational areas.  Both of these facts make it the perfect environment for tackling this big problem!

Look over the resources section, and select a topic that you find interesting.  Research your topic online and with resources from your library.  In addition to the facts, see if you can’t find a way to surprise your readers.  See if you can help others learn through your writing.  Be sure to also tell them why this topic is important to the people of New Jersey.


  • One article, 150-250 words, write about the importance of eating a healthy diet, including fresh fruits and vegetables.  Tie in the idea that New Jersey is considered the Garden State.


  • One article, 150-250 words, write about a sport or a local recreational organization in your local area that promotes health and fitness.  What does it do to help kids stay fit and healthy in your community?


  • One article, 150-250 words, write about the challenges for children today in maintaining good health.  Take into consideration your environment, your school, your family history and your overall day to day life. This could even include your pets!


  • One article, 150-250 words, write about a health- related business (like hospital, fitness center, doctor’s office, clinic, etc.) and the people who work there (like doctors, nurses, nutritionists, dentists, veterinarians, etc.). How does this business and the people who work there help the families in your community stay healthy?


Use correct grammar, punctuation and capitalization.  Use Times New Roman or Arial size 12 font.  Be sure to save your work and name each document file as instructed by your teacher.  You may attach one photo when you submit your article.



Here are some fun projects for the class:


  • Create a class cookbook with healthy snack recipes that everyone could enjoy.
  • Host a healthy foods and exercise fair in your school.
  • Create a class garden (or window ledge garden if you don’t have space outside) with fruits and vegetables.
  • Prepare a monthly calendar with fun physical activities to do for 5-10 minutes each school day.
  • What else could you do to engage your entire school in health and wellness activities?




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