Writing Assignments

Students:  Welcome to the Celebrate NJ! 4th Grade Program

Once your teacher has registered your class for the Celebrate NJ! Fourth Grade Program you can get started on your article for The New Jersey Scoop: The Voice of the 4th Grade!

New Jersey has so much to be proud of and you have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a topic to write about.  Each of these Editors represents a different area of New Jersey history, people, places and events.  They can help you as you begin searching for a topic.

Let’s Get Started!

1: Choose one editorial area (these are each different sections of the newspaper), that you will write for.  If you love sports, arts, or science, the choice should be easy.  If you’re not sure, click on each topic to read the assignment to help you make your decision.


Arts and Entertainment Editor               Business Editor                People in the News Editor

Arts & Entertainment          Business       People in the News

Sports & Games

                     Travel Editor

   Science & Environment  Travel and Tourism

Health and Wellness

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2:  Choose a Topic:  After you have chosen your assignment, you will need to pick a topic to write about.  Go the Student Resources  page to get some ideas or go to the library to do some research.   If you have a few different ideas, your teacher or parents may be able to help you make a choice.

3Follow your Assignment and Write your Article.  Be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

4.  Submit your article to your teacher.  We can accept seven articles from each class for the contest.  Your Teacher will help your class pick the articles from your class that will go on to the judges.  The judges will pick the “Best of the Best” articles to be awarded at special Celebrate NJ Award Ceremonies!  Once all of the awards events have taken place, ALL students who wrote an article for the New Jersey Scoop will receive a special prize for participation!

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